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B&G Vulcan 12: 12´ Multifunction display. Super high-bright multi touch screen with built in NMEA 2000, GPS, Wi-Fi and ForwardScan (optional transducer required) . Integrates to 3G / 4G radar. No transducer included.Includes an SD card with C-MAP chart of Northern Europe that offers excellent coastal charting with tidal data, harbor info, high-def contours, Active Captain information and C-MAP Easy Routing™ and other features
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B&G Zeus³S MPU Glass Helm. Processor unit Global basemap
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B&G Zeus³S MPU 16 Glass Helm : Includes Glass Helm marine processor unit (MPU), ZM16-T Monitor, ZC2 Remote, ZG100 GPS antenna and MI10 dash mount chart card reader. Global Base map
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B&G Zeus³S-12 and Halo20+ Radar kit. The B&G Zeus³S-12 is an easy-to-use chartplotter navigation system for blue water cruisers and regatta racers, incorporating a 12-inch touchscreen display, high-performance electronics, and a wide range of functionality designed specifically for sailors. World basemap charts
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