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SIMRAD PLECDIS900 MK5A W/ M5024 - IMO-type approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels. ECDIS900 delivers precise navigation with comprehensive route planning and optimisation tools, integrated chart management and ordering, radar overlay, and optional highly customisable conning display.
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This kit consists of certified products for the installation of the Simrad-Maris ECDIS900 and the Simrad ECDIS E50XX. The details section contains the item numbers, item descriptions, and quantities contained in the kit. Vessel surveyors should be able to state if certified products are required for ECDIS installations.
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This is the light version of the AIS Pilot Plug WiFi that will be available with the Simrad-Maris ECDIS900 laptop ECS version in Q2 2018. See features for details.
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