Ancor Heat Shrink Butt Connector 22|18AWG (0.3-0.8mm²) 500pcs
Ancor Heat Shrink Butt Connector 22|18AWG (0.3-0.8mm²) 500pcs
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CombiMaster 24/3000-60 (230 V)

Unmatched performance at an unprecedented price!
Designed with the customer in mind and using the latest technology, the CombiMaster range is all about user-friendliness and reliability. But don’t let that friendly appearance misguide you: the powerful CombiMaster range drives even the heaviest and most sensitive loads with ease!

With the CombiMaster, power dips and failures belong to the past. The automatic AC transfer system switches between generator or mains and inverter output, ensuring a constant power supply. Its Power Assist function prevents tripping of the mains fuse in case you’re connected to a weak land line or small generator.

The CombiMaster range delivers unmatched performance and value for money. As you would expect from Mastervolt, the CombiMaster is completed with MasterBus, CZone and NMEA 2000 compatible communication, allowing for a broad range of monitoring and system integration options.

Remote Control and Monitoring options:
MasterBus compatible via SmartRemote or EasyView 5 display.
CZone / NMEA 2000 compatible via Touch 5 or Touch 10 display.
NMEA 2000 compatible via 3rd party multifunctional display.

Most compact and lightweight Combi in its class.
Reliable, hum-free and longer operation from your batteries.
Starts even the heaviest and most sensitive loads.
Intelligent 3-step+ battery charger for faster and safer charging.
Automatic switching between mains and inverter mode.
Power Assist prevents blown mains fuses.
Generator compatible.
Integrated CZone, MasterBus and NMEA 2000 communication.
Quick installation with heavy duty connections.
E-mark certified.
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