Beneteau Barracuda 8
Tootekood: BARRACUDA8L
Kaubamärk: Beneteau
Laoseis: Tellimisel

Hinnas sisaldub:

Evinrude 300ZU E300 ZU G2 mootor
Muusika pakett 2016
Kruisimise pakett 2016
Navigatsioonipakett sh 4G radar ja Simrad NSS9 plotter
Elektrilised trimmilabad
Sildumise-ankurdamise komplekt
Elektriline ankrupeli + juhtpult + ankrurull
Mürkvärv - International TRILUX
Polüester kalakast panipaigas (paremas pardas)
Luuk roolimaja katusel koos rulooga
Kaks akent kajutis
Roolimaja kardinad (3-uksega versioon)
Vöörikajuti madratsid
Juhitav otsingutuli
Elektriline tekipesu + pump
Pikendatud ujumisplatform mõlemas pardas
Kokkulapitav iste ahtris (kokpitis)
Eraldi WC + Dušš
Hind: 91000,00 €
69000,00 €
CE sertifikaat C8/D8
Inimesi 8
Joogiveetank (l) 100
Kaal (kg) 2290
Kandevõime (kg) 1770
Kere materjal Klaasplast
Kere pikkus (m) 6,98
Kütusetank (l) 280-400
Laius (m) 2,82
Maksimaalne võimsus 300/220
Mootori tüüp Päramootor
Pikkus (m) 8,03
Süvis (m) 0,8
Sarnased tooted
Tootekood: 1321 ,   Laoseis: Laos
54,00 €
SWIFT TRAWLER 44 - Chic and modern, the Swift Trawler 44 is a distillation of the best this boat has to offer. This “Trawler by Beneteau” is fast and highly seaworthy, designed for ocean cruising. She is at home on all seas and her consistent energy efficiency makes her a world leader in her category.
EXTERIOR DESIGN - The Swift Trawler 44 is the result of a joint collaboration by the Beneteau design office, the architect Michel Joubert and the designer Pierre Frutschi. Underway, her semi-displacement hull offers very enjoyable sensations at all speeds, as well as terrific stability as she breaks through the waves. She is timelessly elegant, combining classic style and great modernity.
INTERIOR DESIGN - Designed to increase the living space, the interior of the Swift Trawler 44 is full of light. Her fittings have a variety of functions and there are a large number of storage spaces. Her cabins look like rooms and in a few steps the convertible sofa turns the saloon into a guest room. The ergonomic helm station and anti-glare windshield enhance safety underway. The Mahogany woodwork adds a classic yet contemporary touch, creating a warm atmosphere.
SWIFT & BALANCED - Whatever thoughts you have on long-distance cruising and whatever the destination, the Swift Trawler 44 is surprisingly versatile. A well-balanced boat, it provides a unique feeling of safety and well-being.
Tootekood: SWIFT44 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
462360,00 €

Featuring the “smart walkaround” concept, the Flyer 10 marries easy movement on board with safety, and with an asymmetric single port walkway, she offers a bigger deck space, with a vast three people sunbathing area, and a unique amount of cabin space. Bordering on a sport cruiser, the Flyer 10 provides unique living space. The two double berths, divided among a saloon cabin and a mid-cabin, mean that you can spend a few nights on board.The boat is truly comfortable with a proper shower room, with a head separate from the shower, in addition to a large storage space at the foot of the stairway.Two long hull windows pleasantly bathe the interior in light.

Tootekood: FLYER10 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
115320,00 €
Tootekood: B8_A12 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
1159,20 €
Tootekood: B8_C01P ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
3972,00 €