Cabo vendri ots aasaga, diam.8mm, pikkus 2m- sinine
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Hercules,topelt kinnitusega vender ,155x580cm valge/sinisega
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Life rafts ISO-RAFT CE ISO 9650-1
Lalizas ISO liferafts are available in 4 to 12 person versions, are fitted with a single floor as standard and are designed to be extremely safe. The ISO RAFT combines, compact size and structural
integrity with proven liferaft design. The LALIZAS ISO RAFT is automatically inflated by a 12-meter painter line and its inflation system provides enough gas to inflate all the buoyancy chambers.
The main body of the liferaft consists of two buoyant chambers inflated through a non return valve ensuring the flotation of the liferaft.
Each chamber is capable of fully supporting the raft with its maximum number of occupants. The ISO RAFT is manufactured and tested according to ISO 9650-1 & ISO 9650-3 standards as last
amended for Safety, and offers highly visible, stable, sheltered conditions for the occupants
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