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LiveSight™ is the next weapon in an angler’s arsenal, the perfect addition to HDS LIVE, the ultimate fishing system.
• LiveSight™ sonar coverage features a greater range: track shallow-diving crankbaits as far as 60feet away and Alabama Rigs as far as 80 feet away.
• LiveSight™ Sonar assigns target trails to moving targets, making it easier to track lure and fishmovement.
• The down-looking, dual view with LiveSight™ Sonar and CHIRP Sonar combines the advantages of clearly seeing enhanced fish targets (CHIRP Sonar) with the ability to track lure and fish movements(LiveSight™ Sonar)
• A wide, searching LiveSight™ sonar coverage area keeps lures and fish on display longer, so you can better use this view as a learning tool to adjust your presentation. For example, you’re retrieving too fast/slow, or too deep/shallow.
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