Sport Dock Light Series S3166d Colour Scroll
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The Sport S3166d gives your dock parties a dramatic backdrop with a stunning multi-colour light display. More dedicated LED’s per colour than leading competitor models utilising full RGBW colour mixing. This allows you to choose any colour you wish or scroll through the spectrum to attract marine life creating your own aquarium. Allows attachment to floating pontoons. The Easi-Kleen floating bracket mechanism makes it simple to swing the light out of the water to clean. Illuminates a significantly larger area than its competitors. Narrower focused side beam angle providing greater water penetration. True 90˚ beam angle with no fading at the edge gives better illumination.
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The M6 Gen2 Mast Series Light from OceanLED is perfect for illuminating your rigging. The new M6 Gen2 Mast Series light from OceanLED is 50% brighter than its previous model with an improved design. The narrow beam angle helps focus the powerful LEDs, enhancing the natural beauty of your vessel, making It perfect for illuminating your rigging. Suitable for aluminium, steel and composite rigs on all sizes of boats ranging from sportfishing to larger yachts. Easy to install, sturdy, weatherproof and exceptionally easy to maintain. Ultra low power draw, reverse polarity protection.
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X Series DMX APP Controller Kit
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The Explore E3 packs a powerful 5,000* fixture lumens into a low profile, Xchangeable Flush Mount body with Midnight Blue, Ultra White, Dual Blue/White and RGBW light options. New generation innovative, efficient reflector optic; 20˚ side beam produces a blade of light under the water that penetrates further; A true 90° wide-angled, focused top beam lights up a large area of water, flooding it with light. The mix of optic / electronics / form factor / built in driver / plug and play work together to make the most advanced underwater light series available in the market. All aspects of the design including the clamping kit make installation quicker and simpler. The compact size and built in driver mean less space is required inside the vessel, allowing installation in tight areas.
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