SWIFT TRAWLER 50 standard paat
Tootekood: SWIFT50
Kaubamärk: Beneteau
Laoseis: Tellimisel
SWIFT TRAWLER 50 - Flagship of the range that reinvented the traditional trawler, the 2016 version of the Swift Trawler 50 offers a greater amount of interior space and light. For romantic or family getaways, it appeals to all numbers of crew for its intelligently-designed fittings and very easy handling.
EXTERIOR DESIGN - Resulting from the collaboration of Bénéteau Powerboat, the architect Michel Joubert and the designer Pierre Frutschi, the Swift Trawler 50 boasts a contemporary silhouette emphasized by a very fluid flybridge line, redesigned for this 2016 edition. Her hull is specially designed for IPS engines (2 IPS 600) and this long-distance cruiser combines outstanding stability and manoeuvrability. The high bulwarks surrounding the deck reinforce the safety of movements on board.
INTERIOR DESIGN - Cleverly-designed and pragmatic, the Swift Trawler 50 maximizes autonomy features to enable long-distance cruising. Available with three large double cabins or two double cabins together with an office with an extra berth, it has a magnificent U-shaped galley and is fitted with a washing machine and tumble drier. The finish and choice of contemporary decoration contrast with the Mahogany woodwork ambiance creating an infinitely more elegant interior.
SWIFT & EASY - A boat whose every detail is designed to solve a triple challenge: cruising long distances, in safety and comfortably. For two to eight, on get-away trips, short or long-distance cruises, the Swift Trawler 50 is a boat for ocean adventures.
799560,00 €
CE sertifikaat B Offshore
Inimesi B14/C18
Joogiveetank (l) 2 x 400
Kaal (kg) 16000
Kere materjal Klaasplast
Kere pikkus (m) 13,33
Kütusetank (l) 2 x 1350
Laius (m) 4,65
Maksimaalne võimsus 2 x 319/435
Mootori tüüp Veovõll
Pikkus (m) 14,99
Süvis (m) 1,05

SWIFT TRAWLER 50 – Tootesarja lipulaevaks oleva Swift Trawler 50-ne 2016. aasta versiooniga töötas Beneteau täielikult ümber traditsioonilise pikamaasõitudeks mõeldud mootorpaadi kontseptsiooni. Sellel on väga ruumikas ja valgusest tulvil interjöör. See sobib nii romantilisteks kui perekondlikeks lühipuhkusteks ning avaldab muljet erineva suurusega paatkondadele tänu oma intelligentselt disainitud sisseseadele ja väga lihtsale juhitavusele.

VÄLISDISAIN – Beneteau Powerboati, arhitekt Michel Joubert’i ja disainer Pierre Frutschi koostöös sündinud Swift Trawler 50 uhkustab kaasaegse siluetiga, mida rõhutab spetsiaalselt 2016. aasta versiooni jaoks ümber disainitud äärmiselt voogava joonega avasild. Paadi kere on disainitud spetsiaalselt sobivaks IPS mootoritele (2 IPS 600) ning selles avameresõiduks mõeldud paadis on seotud üheks laitmatuks tervikuks silmapaistev püstuvus ja manööverdusvõime. Tekki ümbritsevad kõrged umbreelingud tagavad ohutuse pardal liikumisel.

SISEDISAIN – Nutika disainiga ja pragmaatilisel Swift Trawler 50-l on viidud autonoomia maksimumini pikkade vahemaade läbimise võimaldamiseks avamerel. Swift Trawler 50 on saadaval kolme suure kahekohalise kajutiga või kahe kahekohalise kajuti ja täiendava koiga kontoriga. Sellel on suurepärane U-kujuline kambüüs ning see on varustatud nii pesumasina kui trummelkuivatiga. Kaasaegne kujundus ja viimistlus pakuvad meeldivat kontrasti mahagonile, muutes nii interjööri lõputult elegantsemaks.

KIIRE JA LIHTNE – Selle paadi iga detail on disainitud alistama kolme väljakutset: pikad meresõidud, ohutult ja mugavalt. Swift Trawler 50 sobib kahele kuni kaheksale lühipuhkuste veetmiseks ning lühikeste või pikkade vahemaade läbimiseks avamerel. Swift Trawler 50 sobib ookeaniseiklusteks.

Sarnased tooted
GRAN TURISMO 40 - The Gran Tursimo 40 recreates the sport cruiser concept. Designed by the talented hands of Nuvolari and Lenard, this novel variation offers as much pleasure to the eye as sensations and driving. The design of this boat is harmonious with perfectly organised interiors and a high quality of finish.
DESIGN EXTÉRIEUR - The slender line of the Gran Tursimo 40, underlined by her hardtop and well-designed side glazing, emphasize her pronounced sporty character. With her central driving console and the latest generation of Air Step® hull, she offers excellent sensations and safety when travelling at up to 38 knots. The space in the cockpit is generous and organised in an unusual way. It can seat up to 11 people. With two layout possibilities, the outdoor galley (to aft or in the cockpit) adapts to different lifestyles on board.
INTERIOR DESIGN - The layout of the lower deck gives you a feeling of space unrivalled on a boat this size. Facing the spacious saloon, a proper fully-fitted galley complements the deck galley. The Gran Tursimo stands out for its habitability with two rooms and a bathroom with separate shower. Matt walnut woodwork, lacquered furniture and padding in shades of iridescent cream are the signature mark of her elegant personality.
ELEGANCE, QUALITY FITTINGS AND SENSATIONS GUARANTEED - In her overall design as well as many details, the Gran Tursimo 40 demonstrates a perfect balance between a strong sporty temperament and practical features that make life on board easy and luxurious.
Tootekood: GRAN40 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
327720,00 €
GRAN TURISMO 46 - The Gran Turismo 46 is the latest generation of sport cruiser and benefits from Air Step® technology. This is a stylish and harmoniously designed boat with a bold sporty look. She boasts a clever layout and offers lots of opportunity for personalisation.
EXTERIOR DESIGN - With her elegant sporty line, the Gran Tursimo 46 combines a completely open hardtop, electrically operated side glazing and a wide glass door that protects the cockpit. A perfect combination between protection and clear space, she offers two possible deck plans: after galley or galley in the cockpit. For the first time, the latest generation of planing hull offers a choice between a Volvo IPS 600 or a Z Drive engine, allowing up to 2 x 400 HP. Both safe and perfectly manoeuvrable, this model promises immense pleasure at the wheel.
INTERIOR DESIGN - With an owner’s suite with a view of the sea on either side stretching across the whole beam of the boat and a guest cabin with a bathroom and separate shower, the Gran Tursimo 46 offers outstanding quality accommodation for this size of motor cruiser. Bathed in natural light and perfectly ventilated, the living spaces radiate well-being emphasised by the elegance of the materials. The matt walnut woodwork encrusted with metallised titanium details, leather, lacquered furnishings and high-quality padding create a luxury atmosphere. The Gran Tursimo 46 comes in a two or three cabin version.
PROTECTION AND OPENING - Both protective and open, the ultra-spacious cockpit has electrically operated side glazing and you can opt for a glass door that can also opens completely.
Tootekood: GRAN46 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
463560,00 €
SWIFT TRAWLER 44 - Chic and modern, the Swift Trawler 44 is a distillation of the best this boat has to offer. This “Trawler by Beneteau” is fast and highly seaworthy, designed for ocean cruising. She is at home on all seas and her consistent energy efficiency makes her a world leader in her category.
EXTERIOR DESIGN - The Swift Trawler 44 is the result of a joint collaboration by the Beneteau design office, the architect Michel Joubert and the designer Pierre Frutschi. Underway, her semi-displacement hull offers very enjoyable sensations at all speeds, as well as terrific stability as she breaks through the waves. She is timelessly elegant, combining classic style and great modernity.
INTERIOR DESIGN - Designed to increase the living space, the interior of the Swift Trawler 44 is full of light. Her fittings have a variety of functions and there are a large number of storage spaces. Her cabins look like rooms and in a few steps the convertible sofa turns the saloon into a guest room. The ergonomic helm station and anti-glare windshield enhance safety underway. The Mahogany woodwork adds a classic yet contemporary touch, creating a warm atmosphere.
SWIFT & BALANCED - Whatever thoughts you have on long-distance cruising and whatever the destination, the Swift Trawler 44 is surprisingly versatile. A well-balanced boat, it provides a unique feeling of safety and well-being.
Tootekood: SWIFT44 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
462360,00 €
Flyer 8 SUNdeck on erakordne kajutiga paat. Kere juures kasutatakse AirStep® põhjakuju. Pardale mahub 10-liikmeline seltskond ja vööritekil asuv päikesetekk on erakordselt suur. Kajutis on eraldi duširuum, kus on kõik vajalik, et veeta paadis ka öö.

300hj mootoriga saavutab Flyer 7.7 SUNdeck maksimum kiiruseks 39kn ning keskmine kütusekulu jääb 40l/h piiresse.

Tootekood: FLYER8SUN1 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
39000,00 €
GRAN TURISMO 32: 100% pleasure 100% comfort. Optimized to make the best use of every space, the Gran Turismo 32 leaves room for imagination allowing a variety of potential uses in all seasons. Light and ventilation are a priority on board.
There is good interaction between the various spaces on the upper deck, which are well arranged, with all the features of a cleverly designed boat. The Gran Turismo 32 has good head clearance and will appeal to anyone who loves an open boat. They will never feel claustrophobic.
Tootekood: GRAN32 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
193920,00 €