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B&G V60-B AND GPS-500 KIT: Fixed-mount DSC VHF Radio with integrated AIS transmitter and receiver, wireless handset support. Includes GPS-500 GPS antenna
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Tüüp VHF
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B&G V60 Replaces the current V50 mid level VHF, updated to comply with EN 301 025 (v2.2.1)
New front mountable design for easy installation
Low profile design to align with style of B&G MFD’s
Seamless integration with a wider B&G system through NMEA 2000 and 0183
Built in AIS Receiver
Large screen with intuitive user interface
Optional wireless handsеts with inductive charging
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Mount your handset anywhere on the boat with the non-powered handset cradle. The cradle has a two piece design hiding the mounting hardware behind the snap cover leaving you with a clean sleek design on the helm or bulkhead. The non-powered handset cradle can be used with either the H1(tethered) or H1P (portable) handsets.
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