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10/10HV Ekraani komplekt H5000 või Triton komplektidele.Ainulaadselt liimitud LCD, millele ei teki kondensatsiooni, tagab üli laia vaatenurga ning kuvab kohandatud purjetamisandmeid nagu ilmastiku trendid, Pilot, ning tuule-, kiiruse- ja sügavuse informatsiooni. Alusta oma purjetamissüsteemi ehitamist Triton´i paketiga.
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Compact black box entertainment solution that incorporates the marine industry supported FUSION-Link protocol and FUSION´s proven marine engineering skillset to deliver a boat load of tunes. An industry first, the BB100 includes an easy touch Bluetooth embedded IPx7 waterproof remote for quick audio adjustments. Supplied with a 2 mtr (6.6ft) connection cable, the wired remote is ideally shaped for hassle free installation onto a dash or boat console. With the Bluetooth receiver embedded into the remote we can reduce the likelihood of interference occurring between your smartphone and the receiver. Engineered for either dash or flush mount installation, you choose the finish to suit your vessel.

Product Specifications:
Amplifier Class-AB 4 x 50W (@ 4 Ohm)
Android Open Accessory (AOA) Android support is limited to devices which support AOA protocol, see supported device list for details
Audio Format USB MP3
Audio Zones 2 on board amplified zones
Auxiliary Inputs 1 x Stereo RCA Input (AUX)
Bluetooth A2DP Bluetooth Audio Streaming with AVRCP
DAB+ Ready MS-DAB100A is required for DAB support, only available where DAB and DAB+ is broadcast
FUSION-Link Wired Compatible with a FUSION NMEA 2000 wired remote control and any supported FUSION-Link MFD. A powered network is required for remote support
FUSION-Link Wireless Bluetooth remote control is available with the FUSION-Link remote control app available for download from iTunes or Google Play
iPod/iPhone Made for iPod and iPhone - supports IAP 2 protocol only
Line Out 1 x L+R Linked to Zone 1 (requires amplification)
Nameable Zones Up to 10 characters
NMEA 2000 Certified LEN:1
Subwoofer Out 1 x Sub Out Linked to Zone 1 (requires amplification)
Tuner AM/FM with RDS (where available)
Tuner Region USA, Australasia, Europe and Japan
USB 1 x USB connector at the rear of the unit, supports 1 amp charging
Water Resistance IPx7 waterproof Remote from the front panel when correctly mounted. Black Box is rated IPx3
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3-meetrine (10 ft) pikenduskaabel LSS-1, LSS-HD, xSonic HDI, ForwardScan ja Totalscan anduritele.
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Wind speed & direction
Ultrasonic wind readings
Barometric pressure
Air temperature
Wind chill

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