10/10HV Bezel (black)
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When shipped with a product in "Comes With" this is 1 ea. fuse and fuse holder. When ordered as 000-0127-50 this is 3 ea. fuse and fuse holder
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20/20HV Display pack for H5000 or Triton systems; HVision revolutionised the design of instrument displays, presenting the clearest information through unique display technology. The 20/20HV is joined by the 10/10HV, 30/30HV and 40/40HV to offer a lightweight, high performance data display for every application. 20/20HV display; Mast and cockpit repeater; Ideal for yachts in the 30ft to 60ft range.
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3m HDMI kaabel ühendamaks NSO evo2 server MO monitoriga
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MX521B DGPS GNSS Antenna w/ GLONASS & Beacon Receiver for IMO GPS Systems. Combine with P3007 GPS Display and MX610 or MX612 Junction Boxes for a complete and approved positioning system.
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