Bluetooth Module RCA Version suits all Fusion Source Units; MS-BT100
Tootekood: MS-BT100
Kaubamärk: Fusion
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Introducing the FUSION MS-BT100 marine grade Bluetooth audio module. Certified IP65 water resistant and tested for the marine environment, the MS-BT100 will connect to any FUSION Marine stereo featuring an Auxiliary input allowing for instant streaming from a compatible device. What separates the MS-BT100 apart from other Bluetooth modules is the integrated marine voltage protection, which is engineered specifically to protect against voltage spikes. This added protection ensures no disruption to your listening pleasure. The MS-BT100 module streams audio from any A2DP Bluetooth capable Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or other device directly to the connected FUSION marine stereo. Featuring Direct Media Device Control - allowing you to quickly and easily ѕelect tracks, album, artist or playlist from your device while you´re on the go around your vessel. With an effective range* of 10 Mtrs (33ft), you can enjoy seamless streaming of your favourite audio tracks without having to return to the stereo to change tracks. Enjoy simple installation - Connect the RCA Connectors to the AUX input, +12V Power and ground required. Compatible with the following FUSION stereos: MS-RA50, MS-IP600, MS-AV600, MS-CD600, MS-RA200, MS-RA205, MS-IP700, MS-AV700, MS-IP700i, MS-AV700i, CA-CD700 and CA-ML600. *Effective range measured in a straight line, range will differ depending on placement of the Bluetooth module and obstructions.
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Toide 12V
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Võrgud Bluetooth
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