Veealune valgusti X8 9-32V DC; paigaldusava 12.5mm
Tootekood: 012304WBC
Laoseis: Laos

Sisseehitatud draiveriga veealune valgusti (underwater light). Toitekaabli pikkus 3m, Valgustugevus 1150lm kuni 4500lm (valge valgus), 60kraadine valgusvihk (top/side), ümmargune koonus.



  •  Midnight Blue
  •  Multi-Colour
  •  Ultra White



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Exceptionally low profile head offers virtually unlimited hull mounting options, including retrofitting into most existing underwater lighting hole cut-outs, yielding immediate benefits of no startup power surge, low heat, minimal maintenance, and improved light output. Suitable for all hull types up to and over 65’ (20m) using 2-6 lights with spacing of 3-5’ (1-1.5m) – for metal hulls, add the Delrin Isolation Sleeve accessory. Deutsch plug-and-play quick connectors make this light a quick fit. XFM models, or Xchangeable Flush Mounts, are just that – they’re exchangeable without hauling should servicing ever be needed.
Tootekood: 001-500749 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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HD, HD-SDI video väljund, lai vaateväli; Sisaldab Ocean Kaamerat, paigalduskomplekti, 10 meetrist kaablit
Tootekood: 011806 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
1056,72 €
With a wide choice of sizes and colours, the X-Series offers a range of mounting and colour options to help create your perfect light show and enjoy more time on the water. Use X-Series Colours models alongside the OceanDMX App for iOS or Android. Pick your favourite colour, sync with your tunes or switch to Wave Impact mode for a dramatic spectacle on the move. Made from a chemically resistant optical polymer with a built in driver, there is a lot packed into this compact light. The X-Series can also be used as an exterior light for your cockpit, deck or trailer. Fantastic for fishing or having fun with family and friends. 60° circular beam angle allows for a variety of mounting orientations maintaining light spread. Built-in driver, ultra low power draw, no start-up current required, reverse polarity protection.
Tootekood: 012309B ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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Sisseehitatud draiveriga veealune valgusti (underwater light). Toitekaabli pikkus 3m. Valgustugevus 1150lm (valge valgus), 60kraadine valgusvihk (top/side), ümmargune koonus


  •  Midnight Blue
  •  Ultra White


Tootekood: 012301WB ,   Laoseis: Laos
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Tootekood: E3009BW-AC-LC ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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