10", XS Sports Grille Grey; XS-X10SPG
10", XS Sports Grille Grey; XS-X10SPG
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This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost.
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Introducing the FUSION MS-BT100 marine grade Bluetooth audio module. Certified IP65 water resistant and tested for the marine environment, the MS-BT100 will connect to any FUSION Marine stereo featuring an Auxiliary input allowing for instant streaming from a compatible device. What separates the MS-BT100 apart from other Bluetooth modules is the integrated marine voltage protection, which is engineered specifically to protect against voltage spikes. This added protection ensures no disruption to your listening pleasure. The MS-BT100 module streams audio from any A2DP Bluetooth capable Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or other device directly to the connected FUSION marine stereo. Featuring Direct Media Device Control - allowing you to quickly and easily ѕelect tracks, album, artist or playlist from your device while you´re on the go around your vessel. With an effective range* of 10 Mtrs (33ft), you can enjoy seamless streaming of your favourite audio tracks without having to return to the stereo to change tracks. Enjoy simple installation - Connect the RCA Connectors to the AUX input, +12V Power and ground required. Compatible with the following FUSION stereos: MS-RA50, MS-IP600, MS-AV600, MS-CD600, MS-RA200, MS-RA205, MS-IP700, MS-AV700, MS-IP700i, MS-AV700i, CA-CD700 and CA-ML600. *Effective range measured in a straight line, range will differ depending on placement of the Bluetooth module and obstructions.
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Esitleme maailma esimest veespordi jaoks ehitatud stereosüsteemi- FUSION STEREOACTIVE™

See on FUSIONI poolt Uus-Meremaal ehitatud ja disainitud IPx7 veekindlus-standardiga, kaasaskantav Bluetooth kõlariga varustatud stereosüsteem, mis ujub.

Sellel on unikaalne FUSION PUCK paigaldussüsteem, mis võimaldab paigaldada stereosüsteem kindlalt ükskõik millise paadi, kajaki, kanuu või isegi mullivanni külge.

Võta vee peale kaasa oma muusikakataloog ja striimimise teenused:

Bluetooth audio striimimime igalt A2DP bluetoothiga ühendatud seadmelt

AM/FM raadio tüüner kahe lemmikjaama salvestamise võimalusega

Hoia end kursis ilmaga Weatherband raadio abil- Saadaval ainult Põhja-Ameerikas

Kuula oma MP3 meediafaile madala profiiliga USB mälupulgalt samal ajal kui oled vee peal. STEREOACTIVE seadme USB-sisend on disainitud veekindla ja turvalise ühenduse loomiseks

12 unikaalset hääljuhist (saadaval 6 eri keeles) võimaldavad tagasisidet ja kontrolli oma meelelahutuskogemuse üle.

Muusika kvaliteet on sama tähtis kui seadme vastupidavus, seetõttu on FUSIONi eksperdid töötanud väsimatult D-klassi võimendi ja kahe 2,5´´-se 40 W võimsusega kõlari detailide kallal, et saavutada kõrge kvaliteediga muusika taasesitus.

Juhi oma meelelahutuskeskust nutitelefoni ja nutikella jaoks mõeldud FUSION-Link Bluetooth äppiga, mis on saadaval Apple või Androidi nutitelefoni kasutajatele ning Garmini nutikella omanikele.
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Introducing one of our most efficient, stunning and powerful marine amplifiers, the SG-DA51600. Its True-Marine design will resist corrosion, and the incredible 1600 Watt peak power will power 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer with ease. The SG-DA51600 is Fusion´s first 5 channel, Class-D Hi-Fi marine amplifier. The key benefit of a Class-D amplifier is that it has a low battery drain with high output, making this the perfect amplifier for the marine environment. The SG-DA51600 also has conformal coated PCBs for maximum product life and performance, plus the amplifier chassis is a heat sink, to reduce component core temperature and increase efficiency. Undeniably a stand-out piece, the stunning stainless steel mirror control panel cover conceals and protects all cable connections and setting controls, with an attractive finish to complement any installation. The zone 1 and 2 outputs include four speaker channels plus a subwoofer. RCA line-level inputs allow for easy connection to new or existing systems. This product is rated True-Marine and carries a 3-year limited consumer warranty.
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689,00 €
Refresh your on-board aesthetics with a new set of Sports Grey grilles for the XS Series 6.5" Sports speakers. Just like your existing XS Series speakers, these grilles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation on board. Simply remove your existing grille, fit the new grey grille into place, and enjoy quality audio from a stylish system that suits your vessel.
SKU: 010-12878-10 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
29,99 €
This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost.
SKU: 010-12880-00 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
29,99 €