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Newer generations are having their first boating experiences with the Pioner 10. The traditional hull is adapted to rowing and small engines.
It is lightweight and has carrying handles on both sides, which makes the Pioner 10 easy to carry and pull ashore.

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Mootor: Travel 1103CS
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The Pioner 15 is one of Norway’s best-selling country boats. This is not surprising considering its versatility.

Go fishing or island hopping; your family, friends, pets and luggage will all be transported safely. The Pioner 15 is a robust boat that you can always rely on. This spacious 15 footer has ample room for six people, and is stable and extremely seaworthy. Two lockable storage areas help to keep order on board. The boat can withstand rough conditions, has a simple design and a maximum speed of 25 knots. Equipment: console, railings, set of cushions, windshield, windshield frame, etc.

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Pioner 15 Allround
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plotter/kalaleidja HOOK REVEAL 7 Tripleshot anduriga
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Treiler EC0507TI BP750-L
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The Pioner 17 Flexi has been constructed for the active boater, with several opportunities of accessories.
The Pioner 17 flexi is a robust and incredibly seaworthy all-round boat with an agile design. The Pioner 17 Flexi is a boat made to be used, and is ideal to have at a cabin. In addition, it can be used for many other purposes, such as diving and water sports. The Flexi has extensive floor space and folding chairs can be mounted at a later date as needed.The boat has automatic self-scudding.

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PIONER 17 Flexi
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ELITE FS 7 Active Imaging 3-in-1 anduriga
Detailkaart ALTER-4 Eesti rannik 20nm ja siseveed
Treiler BP750-L
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