AX8 Marine camera set; Box Contents (Standard Kit) (AX8 camera; Backing/Cooling plate; PoE injector; Cable set)
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FLIR AX8 combines thermal imaging with a visual cameras in one small, affordable package for continuous temperature monitoring and alarming. The AX8 helps you guard against unplanned outages, service interruptions, and failure of electrical or mechanical equipment. Compact and easy to install, the AX8 provides continuous monitoring of electrical cabinets, process and manufacturing areas, data centers, energy generation and distribution, transportation and mass transit, storage facilities and refrigeration warehouses. Box Contents (Standard Kit): 1. AX8 camera 2. Backing / Cooling plate 3. PoE injector 4. Cable set
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Sensori tüüp Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Spektri ulatus 7.5–13 μm
Termiline tundlikkus < 0.10°C @ +30°C (+86°F) / 100 mK
Vaate ulatus (H x V) 48° × 37°
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Camera with Infra red for low light conditions. Fixed focal length. The IP CAM-1 is a IP camera with 12V DC or PoE installation options.
IP Model (460) directly compatible with Raymarine (LH2 and
above), Axiom, Furuno TimeZero 4.1 and above MFD’s
• TVI/CVI Model Features 1080P Real Time Resolution
• IP Model (460) 12vDC and PoE
• Extremely Compact - Only 6cm Diameter
• Built In Infra Red Illumination
• High Quality Housnig - Anodised and Powder Coated
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The MD-Series is an affordable, compact, fixed-mounted thermal night vision system that helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance, and finding people in the water at night. Simple to mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series outputs standard analog video that can be easily displayed on almost any monitor at the helm or other locations on the vessel.
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The M232 pan and tilt camera is one of FLIR´s smallest and affordable marine thermal cameras. Featuring a resolution of 320 × 240, the M232 improves safety by revealing vessels and obstacles at night. Enjoy 360 degree viewing while underway.
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Especially designed for first responders, the FLIR M400XR offers detailed 640 × 480 thermal video, a long range HD Color camera, and a tight-beam LED spotlight for improved target identification. In addition to active gyro-stabilization and radar tracking, the M400XR’s integrated video tracking can lock onto and follow objects within its field of view. Firefighting mode displays a target temperature meter and isotherms to aid firefighters in battling blazes.
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The Ocean Scout TK is a rugged, handheld thermal camera that lets you see other vessels, landmarks, buoys, and floating debris in total darkness. The Ocean Scout TK offers the tools you need to see clearly, steer confidently, and respond quickly in an emergency. With its high resolution LCD display and FLIR’s industry-leading thermal sensor technology, Ocean Scout makes your time on the water safer and more relaxing. Box Contents (Standard Kit): 1. Handheld Camera 160x120 2. USB Charge adapter 3. USB cable 4. Internal Li-Ion rechargable battery
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