C60iA Single door refrigerator + holding plate - GREY -, 60L, 12/24Vdc, Internal
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The new Airlock closure system has been designed to allow an easier access for the end user and integrate different features in order to offer an innovative product, extremely user-friendly. Single door refrigerator + holding plate ‐ GREY ‐,
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The portable and built-in refrigerator and freezers range includes a complete line of por table refrigerators units that can be installed in non standard spaces. Portable refrigerators are available in three different models and volumes. Made of high-strength polyethylene, using a roto-molding system, they offer the best durability and efficiency in an aesthetically pleasing style. These refrigerators can be installed in spaces where standard units will not fit.With features like removable interior bins (BRK 35 and C47) and sliding openings (C33ip) these refrigerators can fit into small or tight compartments. Drawer refrigerator with Airlock system ‐ GREY ‐,
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The Stainless Steel Series has been completely updated in both design and function. The stylish new square edge door design with the Steelock positive latch handle has the added functionality of a vent position for air circulation during periods of non-use preventing mould or bad odours in the fridge. The single section, stainless steel fitting frame allows the fridge to be securely fixed either with the door flush or proud of your furniture and has integrated vent slots to improve air flow and the efficiency of the cooling unit behind. AX models are equipped with a holding plate to maintain the temperature in the fridge for extended periods either over night or when there is limited power available. Single door refrigerator,
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The DRW180A is the last Vitrifrigo challenge to the marine market. A double drawer refrigerator with an innovative "all in one" function. The two drawers can separately manage different temperatures, in order to get one single model for all needs. The various stylistic and technological innovations of the DRW180A have been awarded with the "Special Mention" at the prestigious DAME Award during the METS 2018. Double drawer refrigerator/freezer,
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