DW180 DTX IM Double drawer freezer‐refrigerator with icemaker, 144L, 230Vac*, Internal
DW180 DTX IM Double drawer freezer‐refrigerator with icemaker, 144L, 230Vac*, Internal
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The Stainless Steel Drawer Series has been completely updated in both design and function. The stylish new square edge door design with the Steelock positive latch handle has the added functionality of a vent position for air circulation during periods of non-use preventing mould or bad odours in the fridge. The single section, stainless steel fitting frame allows the fridge to be securely fixed either with the door flush or proud of your furniture and has integrated vent slots to improve air flow and the efficiency of the cooling unit behind. Double drawer freezer‐refrigerator with icemaker,
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Product Specifications

Efficiency (1W/1M) 90dB
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