Inline Mooring Compensator ; 12-14 mm, Incl. Package folder
Inline Mooring Compensator ; 12-14 mm, Incl. Package folder
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Available in three sizes, the Inline Mooring Compensator has a thin contoured design without compromising on safety and efficiency. With the line running aligned with the compensator, the Inline is small and easy to stow – perfect if you have a small boat, or often moor in tight spaces, such as small natural harbours or between Y-bars. The compensator is made of high quality EPDM rubber.
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The Unimer Mooring Compensator provides cushioned relief for mooring lines, pier and deck fittings. The compensator is design protected and features a cleat shaped locking mechanism that prevents slipping. The self-locking internal elements in black polyamide stop chafed lines completely. This increases your lines life span and ensures efficient relief. The compensator comes in four different sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your boat. The same compensator size takes different line diameters, allowing you to vary your lines with changing conditions.
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The U-Cleat Mooring Compensator features a unique removable locking mechanism that allows for fitting without a free end of the line. This gives you plenty of options over a conventional compensator. The U-Cleat can easily be repositioned after fitting, transferred to another line, or fitted to a line with eye splices or thimbles on both ends. When it’s time to wash your lines, the U-Cleat is easy to remove and refit. The innovative U-Cleat lock between line and compensator is designed to give optimal locking effect and prevent line slipping, without affecting the strength or durability of the line. The U-Cleat Mooring Compensator is design protected and made in Sweden of a high quality EPDM rubber with glass fibre reinforced polyamide inserts moulded together with the rubber. The cleats are produced in glass fibre reinforced polypropylene.
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