Mercury VesselView® Link (Single)

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SmartCraft BlackBox gateway. Converts Mercury SmartCraft data to NMEA2000. Removes the need for a VesselView display on the Smartcraft network to interface to a Navico MFD. Enables New Mercury HEROiC Style U.I on Lowrance and Simrad MFD’s.
VesselView Link provides quick access to RPM, speed, fuel remaining, battery voltage, trim tab data and Mercury Smart Modes, like Eco, Smart Tow®, Troll Control and Cruise Control via a touchscreen-friendly interface. The module also gives direct access to warnings, fault notifications that identify the affected engine on multi-engine boats, descriptive fault text and maintenance reminders. o ensure the most efficient use of engine, sonar, radar and chart data in multi-panel configurations, the VesselView link panel is automatically resized to optimize the layout of the screen. The module converts Mercury® SmartCraft® engine data ─ for up to four engines ─ to NMEA 2000® protocol, allowing this data to be displayed on Simrad® multifunction displays.
Mercury VesselView Displays
• VesselView 502
• VesselView 702
• VesselView 703
• VesselView 903
Simrad Compatible Displays
• NSS evo2 and evo3
• NSO evo2
Lowrance Compatible Displays
• Elite Ti (7" or larger)
• Elite Ti2
• HDS Gen 2 Touch
• HDS Gen 3
• HDS Carbon
• HDS Live
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