PICO Blue Package, Panel-mount | Silver
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Aluminum Battery Monitor, WiFi + Android and iOS apps, Barograph, 1x SC503 Digital Shunt 500A, 1x ST107 Tank Module, 1x SCQ25 Quadro Shunt 4x 25A; Blue is the colour of complete control. SIMARINE’s innovative PICO BLUE set presents a complete battery and tank monitoring solution for particularly demanding yacht or caravans owners. A special feature of the BLUE set is the precise monitoring of additional energy sources (solar panels, wind in hydro and shore power generators) and energy consumption of individual consumers, such as the refrigerator. It is recommended for systems with 1 main battery, up to 3 auxiliary battery (voltage reading only) and up to 4 tanks. In addition, it enables independent monitoring of 4 consumers / generators up to 25 A. Temperature sensor with JST connector included.
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