PIONER 8 Mini; aerudega
Brand: Pioner
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PERFECT AS A FIRST BOAT FOR CHILDREN BUT ALSO AN IDEAL SMALL TENDER FOR SHORT TRIPS. The Pioner 8 Mini is a boat that can be used for many things: Put it on the car roof rack and be sea-ready wherever you go; use it to get to and from another boat; tow it, or let the children learn good boating habits with this sturdy boat. The Pioner 8 Mini has a good speed with a small engine, and is easy to row. Lengthwise seats provide comfortable seating and the oars can be secured with straps during towing.
1813,20 €
Jala pikkus M
CE sertifikaat D
Inimesi 2 (CE kategooria C/D DNV-GL sertifikaat)
Kaal (kg) 54
Kaal (kg) 54
Laius (m) 134
Maksimaalne võimsus 2.6 / 3.5
Mootori tüüp Päramootor
Pikkus (m) 242
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Newer generations are having their first boating experiences with the Pioner 1. The traditional hull is adapted to rowing and small engines. It is lightweight and has carrying handles on both sides, which makes the Pioner 1 easy to carry and pull ashore. PIONER 10 Classic Special Edition includes: Steering console low, w/cable; Handrails back; Safety ladder
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SOLID AS A ROCK - To choose an EXPLORER is a committed action! To share passions, with friends, even many of them (16 maximum!), that is a nice programme.The versatility of the EXPLORER is limitless: diving, fishing, underwater hunting, nautic skiing ... beautiful weather, breeze or heavy seas? No worries; the EXPLORER will be always present and safe.The range consists of 5 models and has all the features requested to make a successful range: a deep v hull, a “lively” behaviour allowing it to go everywhere, a customized layout, and now the choice of the type of tube. THE “+” of the PRODUCT - A customized offer, to design and modulate depending on the needs, the choice of the tube: Strongan™ Duotex™ or Hypalon™ NEOprene™, 2 colour choices: black or light grey, a perfect stability through a reinforced V hull, a foolproof strength thanks to a reinforced fabric, a countermoulded bow storage compartment.


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Perfect for long trips on the sea, the medline is a true private oasis thanks to its transformable surface, which can be transformed into a sunbathing area. Created for long day trips, the medline range is part of the new generation of Zodiac boats: rigid-hulled inflatаble openly oriented towards leisure. The arrangement allows to transform the deck into a vast sun lounger, to create a “private oasis” area. A spacious relaxation area for unforgettаble days on the water. Double front and back saloon, convertible to sundeck area. Up to 14 seats in standard equipment, integrated kitchen with sink (optional : grill), console integrating a habitаble cabin with toilets (optional : bunk bed space). Triple position bolster for up to two adults + one child. Rear bathing platforms giving access to the sea. INCLUDED STANDARD EQUIPMENT ACCORDING TO THE MODEL: A fully equipped console; 2 relaxing spaces; Rear U-lounge which can be converted to a convivial and relaxing area; Up to 10 seating places and 14 passengers on board; 5 lockers; Safer seats and backrests; A nice premium quality upholstery, with a "sofa effect" texture which is produced by our partner Serge Ferrari; 64 colour configurations are available. MED9-3 Medline 9 NEO Carbone/White Gel coat Hind alates: 96579€. MED9-1 Medline 9 Dark Grey Gel coat Hind alates: 99225€. MED9-4 Medline 9 NEO Carbone/Dark Grey Gel coat Hind alates: 100548€
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Diving, fishing, underwater hunting, work or pleasure, choose and compose the layout of your boat depending on your program and your preferences: your PRO will perfectly fit! Appreciated by all, the PRO RIB are equipped with a removable tube, which facilitates maintenance. Their “platform” deckoffers many layout possibilities, according to the use. The PRO offers unparalleled customization and layout options: several combinations of colors, hulls, tubes, accessories, tank integration. Equipment: you set the Console and the benches wherever you prefer on the deck choice of the driving position: sitting or standing. A wide offer from 4.20 to 8.50 m. Create yours! STANDARD EQUIPMENT - HULL: Deep V fiberglass hull; Moulded in deck light grey or dark grey; Anchor locker which can be padlocked; Stern flush deck locker + 1 front locker; 2 High volume bailers; 1 Bow mooring bollard; 2 Stern cleats (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850); Technical area (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850); Bilge pump (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850); 1 Bow ring; 2 Towing rings; TUBE - Removable tube: Strongan - DUOTEX fabric 2x1100 decitex (Pro 420/500/5.5/6.5); Hypalon - NEOprene fabric (Pro 7/750/850; option on Pro 420/500/5.5/6.5); Fish Tail Cones (Pro 5.5/6.5/7); Semi-recessed valves Easy Push; Double grab line; Anti-slip patches; Large profile rubstrake; 4 External handles; ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Integrated fuel tank + water/fuel separator (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850); Battery switch (Pro 5.5/6.5/7/750/850); Bathing ladder; 2 Paddles; Foot pump & pressure gauge; Repair kit; Owners manual. Z14641 Zodiac PRO 6.5  Strongan Red/Light grey Hind alates: 20949€. Z14640 Zodiac Pro 6.5 Strongan Black/Light Grey Hind alates: 20949€. Z14640G Zodiac Pro 6.5 Strongan Black/Dark Grey Hind alates: 23670€. Z14641G Zodiac Pro 6.5 Strongan Red/Dark Grey Hind alates: 23670€. Z14642G Zodiac Pro 6.5 Strongan Grey/Dark Grey Hind alates: 23670€. Z14643 Zodiac Pro 6.5 NEO Grey/Light Grey Hind alates: 24606€. Z14644 Zodiac Pro 6.5 NEO Light Grey/L
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