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PERFECT AS A FIRST BOAT FOR CHILDREN BUT ALSO AN IDEAL SMALL TENDER FOR SHORT TRIPS. The Pioner 8 Mini is a boat that can be used for many things: Put it on the car roof rack and be sea-ready wherever you go; use it to get to and from another boat; tow it, or let the children learn good boating habits with this sturdy boat. The Pioner 8 Mini has a good speed with a small engine, and is easy to row. Lengthwise seats provide comfortable seating and the oars can be secured with straps during towing.
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A small pilothouse boat at the top of its game! The profile of the new Antares 6 is both modern and timeless, yet she still has all the features that have made this range a success in the last 40 years. The ideal boat for excursions, fishing trips, and picnic outings, she goes a long way to building boating confidence and making the experience enjoyable.

Built on the latest generation of outboard hulls, this fishing cruiser is incredibly stable and truly a pleasure to drive. With a single engine of up to 115 hp, the Antares 6 is impressively manoeuvrable and makes quick work of getting in and out of harbours.
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SOLID AS A ROCK - To choose an EXPLORER is a committed action! To share passions, with friends, even many of them (16 maximum!), that is a nice programme.The versatility of the EXPLORER is limitless: diving, fishing, underwater hunting, nautic skiing ... beautiful weather, breeze or heavy seas? No worries; the EXPLORER will be always present and safe.The range consists of 5 models and has all the features requested to make a successful range: a deep v hull, a “lively” behaviour allowing it to go everywhere, a customized layout, and now the choice of the type of tube. THE “+” of the PRODUCT - A customized offer, to design and modulate depending on the needs, the choice of the tube: Strongan™ Duotex™ or Hypalon™ NEOprene™, 2 colour choices: black or light grey, a perfect stability through a reinforced V hull, a foolproof strength thanks to a reinforced fabric, a countermoulded bow storage compartment.


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- Bombard Explorer 500 (must, PVC)
- Optima 800 konsool FTC
- "Leaning" iste
- A-raam
- 3´ne iste ahtris
- Hüdrorooli komplekt LS 80 PRO 10m; 3,5 pööret, kuni 80hj
- Rool (naha imitatsioon, diameeter 320mm, alumiinium)
- Mootor (Mercury F60 ELPT EFI)

Diileri ettevalmistus (elektrisüsteemi ja lisavarustuse paigaldus) ja paadi registreerimine ARK´is + reg.märk
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A nice collection of small boats for having fun, they are compact and practical ! Real toy with a racing look, easy to store, easy to drive, easy to launch, easy to tow, 4 seats minimum, 4 colors and materials of tubes are available. Tubes are available in PVC or NEOprene, and the tank allowslong time navigation. TUBE - Strongan™ Duotex™ or Hypalon NEOprene™ fabric; 1670 Decitex; Fiberglass bow step with anchor roller with fairlead; Bow chocks; Fish Tail; Valves semi-encastrées « Easy push »; Double grab line; Large profile rubstrake; OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Pilot / co-pilot leaning post, storage; 14 Gallon (54l) cooler; Stern seats with removable back rests; Large dashboard; Spacious dashboard; Tilt forward console with front hatch; Integrated fuel tank + water/fuel separator; Surface, 12v/USB socket; Cupholders; Battery switch; Navigation lights; Swim ladder; Mechanical steering system; 2 Paddles; Foot pump & pressure gauge; Repair kit and owner´s manual. Z14767 Zodiac OPEN 4.2 PVC NR-GR.Z/L.GR Hind alates: 12081€. Z14766G Zodiac OPEN 4.2 PVC NR-GR.CL/D.GR Hind alates: 12767€. Z14767G Zodiac OPEN 4.2 PVC NR-GR.Z/D.GR Hind alates: 12767€. Z14769 Zodiac OPEN 4.2 NEO NG-AG/L.GR Hind alates: 13344€. Z14769G Zodiac OPEN 4.2 NEO NG-AG/D.GR Hind alates: 14018€
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