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HALO20 Radar - A cost-effective way to increase situational awareness and collision avoidance, HALO20 is a compact pulse compression dome radar that detects collision hazards and other targets in close and up to 24 nautical miles away. Small footprint and low profile, HALO20 is the perfect radar solution for budget-conscious boaters with small sportfishing vessels and dayboats.
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Power 12/24V
Type Radar
Võrgud NMEA2000;Ethernet
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HALO24 revolutionizes radar by offering an almost real-time view, with industry-first 60 RPM operation at close range for the ultimate in collision avoidance. Identify hazards in an instant with VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, and enjoy simultaneous short and long-range coverage—up to 48 nautical miles—from one compact 24-inch dome antenna.
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Simrad R3016 10 kW 6 foot antenna radar kit is a dedicated 16" widescreen Radar Control Unit and 10 kW HD Radar. Kit includes R3016 radar control unit, 10 kW pedestal and 6 ft antenna, 10 kW radar processor, Interconnection cable 20m (66 ft), 1.8 m (6 ft) Ethernet cable and 5 pin yellow to RJ45 adapter cable
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