Liisi hire-purchase

hire-purchase makes your life easier

Life is full of surprises. The best help for unexpected purchases and bigger expenses is a hire-purchase plan, which allows you to pay for goods and services in instalments. You’ll find Liisi hire-purchase across Estonia and you can use it to buy almost anything your heart desires.

For easy and convenient purchases, we have created the Liisi ID, allowing you to pay for your goods by hire purchase in only 60 seconds.

What makes it especially easy is that you do not even need to create a separate user account; an ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID is enough. 

Liisi ID can be used in all online stores that have Liisi listed as a payment option.

How to act:

1. Add products to shopping cart
2. Choose Liisi as the method of payment
3. Choose the contract term and repayment date
4. Sign digitally using your ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID


* the number one choice in Estonia
* 2000 points of sale
* no management fee