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Täiustatud Alter3 detailkaart toimib Lowrance, Simrad ja B&G multiseadmete ja kaardiplotteritega. Detailkaart katab 20nm Eesti rannikuala, Peipsi järve, Emajõge ja Võrtsjärve. Uued 2017. aasta mõõdistused.
Ostes Alter-3 detailkaardi koos Kaardiplotteri või multiseadmega, siis on kaardi hinnaks 49€, eraldi ostes on kaardi hind 99€

Detailkaart töötab ainult järgmiste seadmetega:
Lowrance: Mark-4 CHIRP, Mark-4 HDI, Elite-4 CHIRP, Elite-4 HDI, Elite-5 CHIRP, Elite-5 HDI, Elite-7, Elite-7 CHIRP, Elite-9 CHIRP, HDS Gen2, HDS Gen2 Touch, HDS Gen3, Elite Ti, ja CARBON, HOOK-4,5,7,9, HOOK2-5,7,9,12
Simrad Yachting: NSE, NSS Sport, NSS evo2, NSO evo2, NS GO, NSS evo3
B&G: Zeus Touch, Zeus2, Zeus2 Glass Helm, Zeus3
Vanemate seadmetega kahjuks Alter-3 detailkaart ei toimi. Kui teie seade on leitav antud nimistust ja detailkaart ei toimi, siis tuleb seadme tarkvara uuendada.
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When you choose C-MAP you can count on accurate, up-to-date charts from official sources worldwide, advanced features, and C-MAP´s commitment to safe navigation. C-MAP MAX-N+ cartography brings the majority of the C-MAP 4D content and many of its features and functions to ѕelected navigation systems, combining accurate, up-to-date global chart data with features designed specifically for avid anglers, cruisers and sailors.

With updated software, owners of compatible MFDs will be able to access features like these, available in Local or Wide coverage:

  • High-Resolution Bathymetric (HRB) bottom contour/fishing charts to help anglers target fish-holding coastal and offshore structure more effectively
  • Dynamic Tides & Currents predictions that help anglers determine the best times to hit productive rips, shoals, rocks and channels
  • Aerial photos and worldwide database of Marina Info/Port Services great for cruisers, sailors, and traveling fishermen
  • Sport Fishing Data for valuable information on wrecks/reefs, including composition, depth, orientation and other details anglers can use to fish more effectively
  • High-resolution satellite imagery to enhance situational awareness and improve safety
  • Dynamic Raster Charts for a traditional "paper chart" look with the ability to "pull up" information on important chart objects
  • Shaded relief vector chart presentation highlights specific depth contours, valuable when cruising or fishing
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238,80 €