10" Flush mount sub, Round White; FM-S10RW
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Engineered for high-quality audio reproduction with innovative design aesthetics, Fusion´s new FM Series flush mount marine subwoofers are designed to deliver high-quality bass to your vessel in a sleek and minimalistic form factor to meet the latest boat design trends. Featuring an intelligent mounting system for non-intrusive, easy installation, the FM Series subwoofers are designed to be flush mounted with a mounting flange no thicker than 3mm [1/8"] for a premium, visually-appealing, near-flat finish. With an IP65 weatherproof rating, True-Marine™ design and an industry-leading 3-year warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind that your FM Series subwoofers are built to last on board season after season.
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Fusion introduces support for the latest digital radio broadcasts, DAB and DAB+, on the Apollo RA770, Apollo RA670, MS-RA210, 750, 755 and 650 Series entertainment systems. Support for DAB is growing globally with more countries adopting the protocol and more stations becoming available regularly. The MS-DAB module provides access to digital radio when connected with an antenna. Simply connect to a supported stereo with an antenna and enjoy the newly created DAB source with Fusion´s superior sound quality. Digital radio doesn´t suffer from the annoying effects of electrical interference or interference caused by adverse atmospheric conditions, which can spoil analogue broadcasts. With digital radio, due to how it is broadcast, there is no hiss, crackle, fading or overlap - just great radio all the time if you are within the coverage area. With digital radio technology, broadcasters can transmit more stations than ever before. From rock to easy listening, today´s hits to books and comedy, on average the digital radio listener will have double the choice of stations compared to listening via FM (depending on their location).
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The stylish Classic grilles for the Fusion Signature Series speakers are now available in black! Complementing your elegant on-board aesthetics, the Classic Black grilles are designed to blend in with dark colored interiors and entertaining areas, for a discreet yet stylish audio entertainment setup. Just like your Classic White Signature Series grilles, these black perforated metal grilles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation on board. Simply remove the existing Classic White grilles on your Signature Series speakers, fit the black grilles into place and enjoy the signature sound you’re used to, with your speakers blending elegantly in with the background.
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