Windscreen rail for console
Windscreen rail for console
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Few things bring you as close to nature as a trip by rowing boat. If you are fishing with a net you will appreciate a steady boat. A low centre of gravity and unique bottom construction makes this a safe boat suitable for the smallest 4-stroke engines.
The Pioner 12 can take up to four people, and dry storage space is provided under the middle thwart. The boat can be delivered with transport wheels, which are attached to the stern. This makes the boat easy to handle on land.

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The Pioner 13 makes owning a boat easy. It is even, stable and easy to drive. Good seaworthiness is appreciated by both new boat owners and experienced boaters alike. The boat is suitable for smaller 4-stroke engines and rowing.
The standard model is spacious and has ample room for five people. Luggage, equipment and the fuel tank can be placed in two lockable storage areas. The boat can be equipped with a railing set and set of cushions.
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The Pioner Viking has a simple design and excellent seaworthiness. The boat has a high freeboard and is a perfect family boat.
The Pioner Viking is a self-draining boat with a proven hull. The standard model has three lockable areas for luggage, equipment and the fuel tank. The boat has ample space for six people. Additional equipment, such as a gantry with lanterns, rust-free railings, a set of cushions, windshield and windshield frame make the Pioner Viking an attractive boat that can achieve good speeds.

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